AUTEL Charge Cloud

One-stop SaaS Solution On Green Energy Cloud Platform

Autel Charge APP

  • Easy-to-use
  • Battery testing function with health protection mode to extend battery


  • 24/7 remote monitoring service for quick
    fault-locating, achieving remote diagnosis of
    90% faults and remote troubleshooting of
    75% faults, significantly reducing O&M co
  • Support dynamic load balancing, increasing
    system power utilization rate by 2

Business Management

  • User-defined marketing activities(including payment mod
  • Smart charging
  • Simple station management

Open API

  • Standard API port for API data sharing, enabling interconnectivity among different platforms

AUTEL Charge Cloud


Display data statistics, so that the merchant can quickly understand the status of the equipment in the station and the operating status

AUTEL Charge Cloud


Merchant can add or import in batch the charging cards that are not linked to App users

Merchant can edit the card, and set the card to be used only at certain charging stations and chargers

When the card is not linked to a user’s account, the merchant can manually delete the card. If the card has been linked by the App user, the merchant cannot delete the card but can view the user information

AUTEL Charge Cloud


Merchant can create, import in batch, view, edit, and delete charging station

AUTEL Charge Cloud

Station Monitorin

Merchant can view the real- time status of all his charging stations: the total number of chargers and the number of chargers in different states, charging volume, charging power, etc

AUTEL Charge Cloud

Details of charging station monitoring

Merchant can choose any station tag on the station monitoring page to see the real-time data of a particular station, including equipment status, operating data, et

AUTEL Charge Cloud

Charger List

Merchant can view, add, edit and delete chargers, set SOC values, upgrade charger firmware in batches, and control chargers remotely

AUTEL Charge Cloud

Order Manage

Summarize all orders on the chargers owned by the merchant, including normal orders, abnormal orders, etc.; support search and export of order

AUTEL Charge Cloud


Merchant can view all the users who have had a charging transaction at the charging stations, and can add new users manually

AUTEL Charge Cloud

Management of merchants

Merchant can add, edit, disable/enable sub- owner accounts. Data query and export are supported

Note: Level 1 merchants may have submerchants working for them, and sub
merchants may also have multiple charging stations that need to be managed. When a submerchant is
named, a system account will be assigned to him. The submerchants can log in to our system with the account to manage their charging station

AUTEL Charge Cloud

Consumption summary

Merchant can view the total order number, charging capacity, number of charging users, charging fees, etc. generated in his stations daily. Data query and export are supported.

AUTEL Charge Cloud

Transaction detail

Merchant can view the detailed information of each charging transaction generated in all his stations (user name, charger SN, amount of electricity consumed, time of charging, charging cost, etc.). Data query and export are supported

AUTEL Charge Cloud


Merchant can generate invoices for single or multiple charging orders. The cloud platform supports different invoice templates for different regions

AUTEL Charge Cloud

Payment account management

Merchants can add or bind a third-party payment account on this page (currently only Stripe is supported)

AUTEL Charge Cloud

Customer groups

Merchant can add, edit, and delete customer groups on this page. He can set different discounts for different customer groups

AUTEL Charge Cloud

Charging fee management

Merchant can choose a particular charging station and add a new charging fee calculation model in the station. He can also add multiple models to a charging station. The charging fee calculation model includes start- up fee, duration fee, time-of-use electricity fee, etc.

AUTEL Charge Cloud


If a charger abnormality or failure occurs, an alarm will be generated and uploaded to the cloud platform, showing the charger that triggered the alarm, the alarm level, and the processing status, etc.

AUTEL Charge Cloud


Merchant can view the locations of all his charging stations. He can choose a station and click to view details