EV Charger Installation

Download the App

The Autel Charge app is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

For iOS users, download the app on the Apple App

For iOS users, download the app on the Apple App

Log in

Open the Autel Charge app on your mobile device, and log in with your phone number or email.If you do not have an account already, register with your phone number first

Bind the Charger

To bind the charger, scan the QR code or enter SN+PIN code on the Quick Reference Guide.

Connect the Charger

You can use any of the following ways to connect your charger:
a) Via Bluetooth. b) Via Wi-Fi, 4G or LAN network.




LAN network


  1. Make sure the Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device in order to properly connect the
  2. The RFID cards in the package are bound to the charger by defau
  3. If the power supply is suddenly interrupted, the charger will not be cut off immediately, and the
    data can be saved on it.
  4. We recommend you reinsert the EV charge cable if you want to restart a charge session as
    some vehicle manufacturers have restrictions on the restarting

Set up before Charging

a) Set the charge current limit (6-32 A)

b) Enable/disable the Plug-and-charge function

c) Charging setting

Start Charging

1. The Charge screen before charging is shown as the first picture.

2. Insert your charging handle into the charge port on your EV and the charger socket outlet.

3. There are four ways to start a charge session.

a) Tap Start on the Charge screen to start a charge session and the Charge screen will display as the second pict

b) Tap your RFID card on the RFID reader


Ensure your EV is charging. The charging LED on the charger should be flashing
green. If you suspect the vehicle is not charging properly, try reconnecting the
charge cable or contact the local dealer for support

Stop Charging

1. To stop charging, you can choose either of the following three ways:

2. Remove the charging handle from the charger socket outlet and the EV charge port after stopping charging


  1. If you disconnect the EV charge cable during the charge session, the charger will automatically disconnect the power supply.This stops all charging operations.
  2. When your vehicle is fully charged, the charger will stay in the suspended charging state