EV Charger Maintenance

Charge Screen

Before starting charging, the Charge screen will display as the first or the second picture. Once your EV starts charging, the Charge screen will display as the third picture



LAN network

1) Charging Information

Charging information is available on the screen. Your EV model and the
charging status will be displayed on the top of the screen.

In the middle of screen displays the serial number and other information
such as energy, duration, cost, and power.

Tap View More to check the electrical current and voltage values, as well as
the power chart. Two buttons are available on this screen:

Cancel: Tap to go back to the previous screen.

Settings: Tap to go to the Settings screen (also the My Charger screen.

2) Function Button

3) Navigation Bar

I. Charge: Tap to enter the main Charge screen and view charging information.
II. Battery: Tap to enter the main Battery screen, where you can check and edit your vehicle and battery information.

III. Me: Tap to access My Charger, Charge History, Settings,and About information

Me Screen

The Me screen allows you the direct access to My Charger, Charge History, Settings, and About screens


Messages display on the top-right corner of the screen

User Info

Set user avatar, user name, etc...

My Charger

Set up a name for your charger

Set the location of the charger

Check and manage Wi-Fi connection

You can add a new charge card by either entering/scanning the card number or by holding the card close to the RFID reade

Tap the card to name or delete the card

Set the charge current limit (6-32 A)

Enable/disable the Plug-and-charge function

Set the charge price

Schedule you charging hour

About the charge

Firmware update

Reboot the charge

Installation Mod

In order to check whether the residual current device works properly, the user can tap the Test button on the screen, which prompts
the charger to simulate a leakage situation. If the device works properly, the power supply to the charger will be cut off and the Charging LED on the charger will illuminate red. Plug and unplug the charging handle to correct the fault. To start the test, go to Me > My Charger > Installation Mode >Leakage Protection
Device Test.

Unbind the charger

Charge History

Charge History records the total energy and cost of your past charges. You can choose to view the total energy or cost of a certain month. Daily energy, duration, and cost data are also available



LAN network


On the Settings screen, you can change the settings for the Autel Charge app


The About screen will show the software version(s) of the Autel Charge app


1. LED Indicators (from left to right)

Power LED
Internet Connection LED

Charging LED

Bluetooth Connection LED

LED Description

Solid Green: The charger is on.
Off: The charger is off.

Flashing Yellow: Data is being transmitted and/or firmware is upgrading.

Solid Yellow: Firmware upgrade has failed.

Solid Blue: Data transmission has failed; will-turn solid green in five seconds (see above)

Solid Green: The charger is connected to the backend of the charging management system.

Off: The charger is not connected to the backend
of the charging management syste

Solid Blue: An EV is connected.
Flashing Blue: An EV is charging as scheduled.

Flashing Cyan: The charger is reserved.

Flashing Green: An EV is charging.

Solid Orange: A recoverable error has occurred.

Solid Green: A charge session has ended.

Off: No EV connected.

Solid Red: An irrecoverable error has occurred.(Please contact support

Flashing Green: The charger is connected to a
mobile device via Bluetooth.

Flashing Blue: The charger is connected to VCI
(Vehicle Communication Interface) via Bluetooth.

Flashing Cyan: The charger is connected to a
mobile device and a VCI device simultaneously
via Bluetooth.

Off: The charger is not connected via Bluetooth

RFID Reader

RFID Reader

When you tap your RFID card on the RFID reader, the
charger will make one or two beeps at the same time.

  • If there is one beep, it means that the charging card has-been bound to the charger and can be used normally
  • If there are two beeps, it means that the charging card is not bound to the charger and cannot be used for charging on this charger.