Maxi EU AC W7-C5-4G

Fast AC Charging
Charge faster and more efficiently

1.Up to a maximum of 32A, creating 22kW of power for increased charging speed 2.7X faster than a traditional AC home charger 3.Can be adjusted through a hardware switch or the APP

Built to last
High Reliability and Durability

1. Evaluated and tested to CE standards 2.Tested to IK10 high impact resistance 3. IP65 weather protection exterior rated for all-weather use 4. Capable of charging at full power from temperature between - 40°C~ +55°C

High convenience
Cloud Based Smart Charging

1. Connected to Autel Cloud backend and easy way to control, monitor and run your business 2.In real time dynamically balance energy to reducing electricity costs 3.Easy to maintain

A Closer Look at the

MaxiCharger AC Wall Mount

Dynamic Load Balancing

Revenue Generation

5-inch LCD Touch Screen

Wifi, Ethernet cable, Bluetooth,

RCD Type AC 30mA + DC 6mA Leakage Protection

OTA Update

Cloud Portal and OCPP Capability

PME Protection (for UK only

Real-Time Notification and Report

Technical Specifications