MaxiCharger DC Fast

Charge faster and more efficiently

1.Up to 240 kW of fast charging 2.Provides up to 265 km of range in 10 min with a Maximum 400A output current 3.Charging speed improved by up to 30% with boost mode

Improve your ROI
Smart Advertising and Communication Portal

1. Show the charging related Info like State of Charge (SOC), Cost, kWh2.Offer an additional channel to boost revenue with the display of advertisements 3. Communicate, promote or attract customers generating new revenue streams

Highly Reliability
Charge without worries

1. Continually testing and evaluating new vehicle for interoperability2.Compatible with all vehicles of IEC standards 3. Charging success rate higher than industry average

High Power meets high operability with the

MaxiCharger DC Fast

Weather Resistant

21 Safety Monitoring Items

Smart Cloud Portal & OCPP Capability

Remote Update & Diagnostics

Smart Charging

ISO 15118 Plug & Charge

96% Charging Efficiency

Flexible Hardware & Software Customization

Available Single or Dual with CCS2, CCS2 Boost or CHAdeMO

Support APP, RFID Card,Credit Card, Mobile Payment

Technical Specifications